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Top Best Cycling Apps For iPhone & Android | Apps For Cyclists

If you are a fitness freak but hate heavy workouts, then you can try cycling. And for cycling, you can try some of the Best Cycling Apps mentioned below.

Best Cycling Apps

Technology has made our lives easy in every manner. From making phone calls from the comfort of our home, it has advanced itself and has shown us many forms. The development of the internet and its usage, usage of smartphones, everything took technology to the next level.

Who wondered that they could connect with their near ones while sitting at home, but the internet made it possible. Apart from the internet, other connectivity methods like LAN, WAN, and Bluetooth came into existence and had to transform ever since then.

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, we can connect headphones, TVs, smart wearables. These wearables are very useful if you are even 1% cautious about your health. With the help of these smart wearables, you can track your health levels, such as heartbeat rate, pulse, etc. These wearables used while you are doing some physical workout.

Apps For Cyclists

As everyone knows, people are now linking their day to day life to technology. So in this category, we are going to add one more that is best cycling apps for cyclists. It means the person who likes cycling and wishes to connect it with the device can be done through apps on smartphones. Here are those few apps where one can check their cycling performance through Android and IOS Apps. Check the below best cycling apps 2020 for cyclists on iPhone and Android. 

  1. Strava
  2. Zwift
  3. Map My Ride
  4. Cyclemeter GPS
  5. MyWindsock
  6. Cycle Hire
  7. Wattson Blue
  9. ViewRanger
  10. Endomondo
  11. 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs
  12. Bike Gear Calculator 

Strava Cycling App

Available on: iOS, Android

Strava is one of the most favored apps when it comes to cycling tracking. With its constant use of GPS tracking technology, the app keeps track of your cycling data like distance, speed, and time. In Strava Summit, there’s an option for perceived exertion. This option lets you rate your workout experience upon the level of hard work required on a scale of 1 to 10. That is one being easy and ten being the most difficult one.

Strava Cycling App

Strava best free cycling app also lets you set variant goals for a week known as Strava Streak Challenge. This option enables you to create variant goals beginning on Monday. You can take this challenge and monitor your fitness data. Strava also has variant cycling plans for its users to follow.


Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, and PC

Zwift is counted amongst the popular apps. Along with standard cycling tracking features, it has additional specs that make Zwift entirely different. Whenever you accomplish a goal, you get a badge from the community, each badge meaning something different. In Zwift, you can also create a group cycle race or ride by using the ‘companionship’ option. Please note that while some options are not available on Apple TV.

Zwift cycling navigation app

Zwift best cycling navigation app lets you join live cycling events. These events give you an experience of a real lifetime cycling race. Zwift on a race track has specific segments that cover a certain distance while cycling. This could be covered in a particular time, as mentioned for each part. In each section, you can cover it in the specified time. You get a New Jersey that identifies your status amongst the other Zwift app users.

Map My Ride

Available on: iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Map My Ride is a simple and easy to use the app for cycling needs. It is possible for Android and iOS devices along with a version for the computer. It is a free service but has monthly subscriptions ranging from $29 to$99 per year. The app is more known for its route creation. That’s right. You can create customized routes for your cycling exercise.

Map My Ride free cycling app

In other apps or their earlier versions, creating an online route was a day’s task because the route that you crafted many times this route line doesn’t align well with the roads in the real world. But Map My Ride has not only improved this feature but also has enhanced route creating by making the maps run smoother. You can also mark some landmarks with the icons present on your screen.

In Map My Ride cycling app, the calories burnt per day, along with the total distance covered, appear on a calendar so that you can keep track of your daily or weekly goals. This service is available for free usage. If you pay for the app’s subscription, you can access other features like training plans. 

Cyclemeter GPS

Available on: iOS a

One of the coolest things about Cyclemeter GPS is that it provides a swot analysis of the cycling experience. Apart from capturing the cycling experience, it records sports like skiing, walking. You are a fitness freak who has its hands on more than sport, this app might be a completely right fit for you.

Cyclemeter GPS Cycling App For Android

In the Cyclemeter GPS cycling navigation app, you can have a very in-depth analysis of your sporting activity. You can measure anything about your bicycle ride by using this app.

One of the amazing features in the app is that it collects all your sports activity data and presents them in tables and graphs for your analysis.

By digging deep into the app, you can select the type of cycling activity you want to track. If you are not comfortable with English, you can switch to French, Italian, German, Mandarin, or Spanish. An inbuilt feature in the app, lets you access music on your device.


Available on: Not available for mobile app, but you can go to the website to check the weather

MyWindsock is a gem for cycle enthusiasts out there. This app helps a cyclist know about the weather conditions and wind reports during the time they do cycling on their created route. Hence, knowing the weather conditions beforehand, people can change their schedules accordingly.

MyWindsock App For Cyclists

MyWindsock cycling app is compatible with Strava. What you need to do is, select the link of a course and paste it in MyWindsock. Within a few seconds, you know about the weather conditions that you can expect when you are on route. Knowing the weather conditions beforehand, you maintain another level of security for yourself.

Cycle Hire

Available on: iOS

With the help of Cycle Hire, you can hire cycles. Just download the app and subscribe to one of the memberships suitable to your needs. After subscribing, you can hire the cycles on an hourly basis.

Cycle hire cycling app for iPhone lets you access bikes near you. It shows a user-friendly map that lets cyclists locate the nearest cycle hire stops. You can also trace a cycle-friendly route to your destination.

Wattson Blue

Available on: iOS and Android

Wattson Blue is a stunning app to get the training details for your cycling activity. The app was built on Strava to help the students of Oxford with their athletics. The app suggests you with data like sleep, HRV, alcohol intake, etc. The Wattson Blue cycling app lets you know more about your body and improve your habits if required. Currently, the app is free to use. And it gives Premium access for three weeks. If the trial period completes, you can still access most of the premium features. However, your record history remains until six weeks only.

Wattson Blue Cycling App


Available on: iOS and Android

Need some help with your bike? Voncrank got it covered. If you have any trouble regarding the bike or its services, you can get your bicycle fixed through a minivan named Voncrank.

All you need to do is, visit the official website and choose the type of service that you want. Write down all the issues you have with your bike. Then, enter the details about when and where you want your bicycle to be delivered.

After this, pay on the website to confirm your service. The mobile van will come at your ace and get the bike for the service. The company returns the bicycle within 48 hours.


Available on: iOS and Android

If you are heading out for a cycling adventure with your peloton or hiking on some trails with your friends, ViewRanger, a Best App For Cyclists, can help you a lot. ViewRanger boasts about offline maps that let you access the maps when you are having poor or no connection.

ViewRanger Cycling App

Whenever you go on a trail, bad internet connection or bad GPS can land you in trouble. While carrying printed offline maps is a good thing, yet having offline maps is always a better option. The app’s ability to download the maps for offline use makes it unique. Plus, you also get views about where your trail ends.


Available on: iOS

Endomondo apps record and maintain your bicycle ride experiences. Along with bicycle rides, it also allows the reading of other outdoor activities like running. All this is done with superb accuracy.

Endomondo is compatible with both the Apple and Pebble watches. If you want to use the complete features of the app, then you must get a premium subscription. The premium subscription has many training and activity tracking options.

Endomondo App For Cycling

You can get information about duration, heart rate, time, etc. The Endomondo cycling navigation app also comes with an auto-pause option. This option stops counting your activity count while you have stopped. And it resumes after you have started running again. You can enable auto-pause by visiting the settings.

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

Available on: iOS and Android

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs is an app based on the novel 100 Greatest Climbs by Simon Warren. This app has a list of all the amazing locations mentioned in the book. And with the help of your GPS, it helps you locate them too.

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

You can link the app with Strava before you go on a trail. Once your workout history is completely synced with the app, the home page of the app will show your 100 Climbs Score a freecycling app. The scenic trails mentioned in the app could be a driving source of motivation for you if you can’t step out of your comfort zone.

Bike Gear Calculator

Available on: iOS and Android

If you are always wondering about how you can set up your bike, this app is a must go. With the help of Bike Gear Calculator, you can very easily optimize your bike according to your use.

Bike Gear Calculator Cycling App For Android

The app assists you with questions like what gear you should choose with the type of ride you are planning. And by using this information, you can optimize your bike’s gears and ride easily on mountains. Goodbye to tough riding sessions.


If you are a cyclist enthusiast but have some problems with your bike or managing your health track record, then you can try out some of the Best Cycling Apps mentioned in our article. Most of them come with a trial period. So you can try out every app and choose the best that suits your needs.

In our article, we have mentioned almost every app that could make cyclist’s life easy.